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Calumet Photographic is now using Review3!

The online international camera and photography retailer Calumet Photographic is now our client.

Before joining us, the company ran A/B tests for its product pages within two months. Random visitors would see Review3 3D reviews in 50% of the page openings, and the conversion was measured. The company was happy with the result, and now it uses the service commercially in its online shops in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium.

Gunnar Asmussen, EU Web Channel Manager at Calumet Photographic:


"The technical integration of the 3D-reviews from Review3 is very easy and the support is great. On top of that the free trial phase was great to be able to test it!".

3D-review for Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung’s new flagship phone is now in 3D!

Review3 provides 3D-reviews in all colours and design variants while the phone sales are yet to be launched.


Use iframe tags to add 3D-reviews to your site and entertain your visitors!

See links to all 3D-reviews of Samsung Galaxy S7 below:

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The trial period has been extended to 90 days


Good news for our clients (and a little bit sad news for us 0_impatient1).

By popular request we have extended the trial period from 45 to 90 days.

We understand that it is not easy to make a decision and start using a new technology in one’s business.

Add our 3D reviews to your site and use them for free within 90 days. During this time you can run various tests, check the statistics and collect user feedback.

We know for sure that our customers will feel the result, so we present you with this long trial period. There are over five thousand 3D reviews, and about 100 new 3D reviews every month.