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3D-reviews in smartphones and tablets


3D-reviews are perfect for mobile devices. We have checked the popular layouts used by our clients, and our research resulted in a separate manual. See our manual on 3D-reviews for mobile platforms.

In this manual you can find detailed instructions on adding 3D reviews to the mobile version of your online shop. Your customers will say “Wow!”

Calumet Photographic is testing Review3

The international online photography retailer Calumet Photographic has launched A/B tests for Review3 in its German and UK domains.


We hope that the company will be happy with the test results. According to our previously collected data, adding 3D-reviews to a product page improves the conversion by 3% to 10%.

Besides, this screenshot shows the customizable color themes for the 3D review user interface and German language localization. All Review3 3D-reviews contain text with professional translation into seven languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian and Turkish.

Ulmart joins us!

Ulmart is an online retailer ranking 6th in Europe. Now Ulmart has joined Review3. At this moment about a thousand products in Ulmart’s website have 3D-reviews.

Click this picture to open a product page in Ulmart’s website with a 3D-review.

Svyaznoy joins us!

Svyaznoy starts using Review3. The company has been using the previous version of our service, Maybe3D, for a few years. Now Svyaznoy’s website has completely migrated to Review3.


Click this picture to open a product page in Svyaznoy’s website with a Review3 3D review.

Technosila joins us!

We are very happy to announce our new client: Tehnosila!

Click this picture to open a product page in Tehnosila’s website with a Review3 3D review.

Kseniya Tikhonova, head of content department:


“With Review3 3D reviews, our clients can see the products in good detail and make a reasonable purchase decision. It is well made, easily integrated, and the statistics is easy to track. Review3 is fast and easy to use. We recommend it!”