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A warm welcome to our latest client, Spanish company Kimovil!

Kimovil has just made life a whole lot easier for its customers by integrating REVIEW3 3D-reviews right in the centre of its product pages. Now, when checking out products on the site, the first thing visitors see, before any photos, is the product in glorious interactive 3D. We are delighted to welcome our new partners and to thank them for trusting in REVIEW3 3D-reviews: enter image description here


Kimovil feedback on working with us:

"REVIEW3 3D-reviews are a solution that we couldn’t find in the Spanish market. Now, the user interface in our online store has been significantly improved. This is a great way for our users to “feel” the product, in high resolution and with all the tiny details. Also, the extensive multilingual REVIEW3 Catalog and the simple integration made installing the solution on our website very easy".

enter image description here

— Daniel Sebastián, CEO and Co-Founder Kimovil, Bilbao, Spain.