1. Step one: adding a domain

If you haven’t registered yet, better do it right now. If you haven’t registered and you haven’t specified a domain, 3D-reviews will display a message on your website asking you to confirm your domain. Add your domain on the My Account → My Domains page.

As soon as a 3D-review is opened on any page of a newly added domain, the domain is confirmed and added to 3D-reviews’ usage statistics.

2. Embedding 3D-reviews on your product pages

3D-reviews can be integrated with an iframe embedding code. Just find the product you want in the Catalogue and copy the code.

Enter the iframe code in your HTML at the position where you’d like a 3D-review to appear on your product page:

To change the dimensions of the 3D-review area, modify width and height parameters in the embedding code. We recommend a frame size of 700px x 500px.

3. Placing 3D-review in a Lightbox

The most convenient way to display 3D-reviews is in lightboxes over the product page. Place a launch button for 3D-review lightbox in a prominent position with product information near other media content.

The screenshots below are taken from a 3D-review on our product demo page.

When the button is pressed, a lightbox containing the embedded iframe code plays the chosen 3D-review over the dimmed content of the product page.

We’ve created 22 ready-to-use versions of the "Launch 3D-review" button. Choose one you like and install it on your website.

Click the image below to open all versions on a new page:

"Launch 3D-review" buttons.

4. Placing a 3D-review into the body of your product page

You can also embed 3D-reviews into the body of the product page itself – as we do in our Review3 Catalogue. Please note that in this case we recommend setting "After click on preview" start mode in the My Account → Style section.

5. 3D-reviews in mobile browsers

3D-reviews work on all modern smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS. 3D-reviews are fully optimized for mobile usage and gesture control.

By the way, your customers will get a better 3D-review experience on a mobile than on a PC. This is because rotating the product with your hands and fingers feels much more natural; it’s closer to the way you’d really look at the product.
For mobile devices, we recommend you use a simplified full-screen 3D-review page than a lightbox.

Try opening this page on a mobile device:

You’ll see that the source code for this page is very simple – the body tag contains only one iframe tag, which embeds the requested 3D-review (REVIEW3_ID is received from the URL parameter). You can use the same page on mobile devices instead of a lightbox. If you copy our “review3_simple.html” page to your webserver, you’ll see that the 3D-review “REVIEW3_ID=8407” (with the URL opens automatically on page load.

If your webstore has a special mobile version (e.g., then tapping the 3D-review start button will automatically open the simplified full-screen 3D-review page.

If your webstore has adaptive design, then after tapping on the 3D-review start button, your code needs to check the screen dimensions available on the browser. If they‘re smaller than those on the PC version, the simplified full-screen 3D-review page should be opened instead of the PC-version lightbox.

If you skip this step

Some lightboxes support adaptive presentation of content on mobile devices, but they may be targeted at presenting images and videos only. If you want to present 3D-reviews in lightboxes on mobile devices, please check lightbox functionality to ensure that 3D-reviews are displayed correctly in both landscape and portrait orientations on different sized devices. It’s important that your customers feel comfortable working with the content of your webstore.

6. 3D-reviews in mobile apps

For the moment there is no abillity to embed 3D-review directly into your mobile app.

However there is a working way to pass over this restriction. You need to call URL of simplified full-screen 3D-review page (see chapter 5) from your mobile app. The mobile browser of user's device will appear then. After ending of work with the 3D-review, the user will press 'Back' system button, the browser will be closed, and the user will see your mobile app again in the same state.

It is possible that we need to make some ajustmets for the correct work of 3D-reviews by calls from your mobile app. Please inform us about such usage by writing to

7. 3D-reviews look & feel setup

Settings in the My Account → Style section allow you to manage the appearance and behavior of your 3D-reviews so that they fit perfectly with the overall look and feel of your webstore.
You can set up color schemes, font style and size, and 3D-review start mode. If you embed 3D-reviews in the body of the page itself, we recommend you change start mode to "After click on preview"

8. The complete list of 3D-reviews in Excel

You can download the complete list of 3D-reviews in Excel format from Catalogue:

The file contains three sheets: Review3_List, MPN и GTIN.

The first sheet contains a full list of 3D-reviews.

The second and the third sheets contain additional data, which may help you to map your products and 3D-review (at least for significat part of them):

  • MPN sheet contain the mapping between Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPN's) and 3D-reviews.
  • GTIN sheet contain the mapping between barcodes and 3D-reviews. We support 8-digits UPC-E (GTIN-8), 12-digits UPC-A (GTIN-12), 13-digits EAN (GTIN-13) and 14-digits GTIN-14. Please note that GTIN data differ between different regions and may not give complete and accurate results.

Every week on Monday we send the Excel table containing data for the reviews released last week by email to the registered users.

9. How to know which 3D-reviews are installed at your website?

You are able to see which 3D-reviews are installed at your website, and which ones not yet. You need to log in to the website and go to Catalogue. Then you need to choose the domain and the status of installation at the bottom part of filter:

You can also filter the search results by 3D-review release date. This is convinient when you passed few our releases, and want to see which 3D-reviews we released during that time.

In the small rectangle above the product image of 3D-review in Catalogue you can see the product release date within the accuracy of calendar month of start of sales of the product at least in one country. You can use this date for filtering too.

10. Using REVIEW3 mapping service

We can save your time and map 3D-reviews to your products. We will fill mapping and create the links on a regular basis between your products' SKU and our unique 3D-review ID (REVIEW3_ID).

The REVIEW3 mapping service is chargeable. You can order it in My Account section or contact our Sales Dept. using

Find your SKU in the table, and you will get which 3D-review should be dispayed at the product page.

One 3D-review can match to few your product pages in case that products are different only inside (e.g. RAM size). The converse is false because every your product page has only one 3D-review for displaying.

We start with a basic full review of your webstore and intital mapping filling. Then we will regulary add new mappings when releasing new 3D-reviews. For correct work we need to know where can we find SKU at your website (usually SKU is contained in URL or place at the product page).

You can get the mapping using our XML webservice. We will assign customer ID to you, for example mywebstore.

Then the request will be:

End part of URL 174503 is an example SKU of your product which you request a 3D-review for. In case the 3D-review exists our webserive returns XML-document like this:

<Products xmlns:i="">
        <Name>HP 250 G3 Black</Name>

The array of results Products contains no elements or one element Product, which child element Id is an identifier of 3D-review.

If search results are not empty, the page initialization code creates a "Show 3D-review" button on the page. This button launches the lightbox with the 3D-review. The code also creates an iframe with src value like this: "//".

By default, results are presented in XML format. You can also get results in JSON format by adding the following to the request header:

Accept: application/json

We recommend to cache recieved mappings at your server. It allows your webstore to don't wait the respond of our webservice and to display "Show 3D-review" button immidiately on page load.

To make that you need to add two fields into the table of the products in your database:

  • REVIEW3_LastCheck

It is needed to check REVIEW3_ID on page product load. If the value is not empty, and the time passed after last check REVIEW3_LastCheck is less that 24 hours, then it is needed to to display "Show 3D-review" button which will show 3D-review with the REVIEW3_ID.

If the time passed after last REVIEW3_LastCheck is more than 24 hours, it is needed to request our XML-webservice about the 3D-review for the product, sending your product SKU, and then to save the recieved REVIEW3_ID for the further usage, and then to update REVIEW3_LastCheck with the current time.

11. Searching 3D-reviews via API

You can search 3D-reviews using our API for some special purposes. It is needed to make a request to our XML-webservice descibed in section 9 above.

Search of 3D-reviews is available by few parameters:

  • By Manufacturer Part Number. (MPN, Part No). Search example:
  • By barcode. We support 8-digits UPC-E (GTIN-8), 12-digits UPC-A (GTIN-12), 13-digits EAN (GTIN-13) and 14-digits GTIN-14. Don't worry about the exact format of the barcode, we detect it automatically. Search example:
  • By product name. Search example:

You can see the working example of search of 3D-reviews using API by product barcode (EAN) in the code of our demo product page. In the example the immidiate usage of the results is presented. We recommend to cache the search results as it is described in the section 9.