Our Customers

Market leaders about REVIEW3
“REVIEW3 has been an excellent addition to our website. The integration of their content to our site is seamless, and the quality is top-notch. Our customers absolutely love the 3D images that REVIEW3 creates for us. REVIEW3 creates a truly immersive experience, which allows our online shoppers to feel like they are holding the product in their hands, inspecting every inch of the item they want.”
— Abraham Perkowski, Manager of Web Content
B&H Photo Video, New York, USA
“It’s very easy to integrate 3D-reviews from REVIEW3 – and the support is excellent. On top of that, the free trial period allowed us to thoroughly test it before deciding to buy!”
— Gunnar Asmussen, Web Channel Manager EU
Calumet Photographic, Hamburg, Germany
“REVIEW3 is the solution we’d been trying to find on the Italian Market for ages, but with no luck. In years to come, 3D-reviews will be used by web stores around the world, because they are the perfect way for customers to ‘get the feel’ of the product on desktops and mobiles. Integrating 3D-reviews into our web store was really easy.”
— Marco Fasce, Cofounder and Ecommerce Specialist
Ollo Store, Florence, Italy
“An A/B test demonstration of REVIEW3 3D-reviews on the product pages of the Svyaznoy web store resulted in an average 7% increase in our conversion rate. What’s more, the best results were for products with above average prices. An indispensable service! Highly recommended!”
— Alexander Minaev, Website Editor-In-Chief
Svyaznoy, Moscow, Russia
“After integrating 3D-reviews into our website, traffic and average length of visits to our product pages increased significantly. An excellent solution, easy to install and with a useful ‘My Account’ section. We are very satisfied with the results!”
— Anna Lyamina, Digital Marketing Manager
LG company, Moscow, Russia
“REVIEW3 offers high quality visual content. The ‘My Account’ page on the REVIEW3 website is very useful. It allows you to preview all the available 3D-reviews and check your user-activity stats as well. We have been working closely with REVIEW3 for a year, and we intend to continue our collaboration!”
— Henry Lachinyan, Director of Web Catalogue
Ulmart, St. Petersburg, Russia
“REVIEW3 3D-reviews allow our customers to see every detail of the product and then make well-informed decision about purchasing. Excellent solution, simple integration, useful statistics. It’s great to be working with REVIEW3! Highly recommended!”
— Ksenia Tikhonova, Director of Content Department
Tehnosila, Moscow, Russia