License for the installation of a limitless amount 3D-reviews from the REVIEW3 Catalogue on your website(s)
US $990 per month
Additional Services
Mapping 3D-reviews to your products SKU's
+ US $50 per month
Hiding the REVIEW3 brand in the 3D-reviews on your website
+ US $500 per month
Total amount (by term of payment)
US $990
per month
US $2,851
per quarter
4 % discount
annual saving US $476
US $9,979
per year
16 % discount
annual saving US $1,901

COVID-19: 30% discount on the annual contract for the e-commerce industry.

The electronics retail industry must learn how to work with the new reality of COVID-19, one in which there will be far fewer or even no retail sales. According to WHO estimates, the situation could last until mid-2021 at the very least.

Even if your shop only has a presence on the Web, please note that people will no longer be able to hold the goods you’re selling in their hands. The information they receive about the product will only be available online, so the content of your product page will be ever more important. REVIEW3 3D-reviews gives your customers the unique opportunity to “handle” the product online in a way that neither photographs nor even video reviews can match.

As part of a worldwide deal in response to COVID-19, REVIEW3 is offering a 30% discount on the annual contract for installing REVIEW3 3D-reviews in your online electronics store.

Agreement Procedure

Price, services and payment terms will be fixed and signed for in the year-long license agreement. You can download our license agreement template here in PDF for inspection.

We sign agreements using DocuSign®, the world leader in the electronic signature industry. You don't need to have special electronic signature to sign. The signatures via DocuSign are compliant to elDAS, the latest EU standard for electronic signatures.

Price Offer Applicability

We guarantee that the price you see at the beginning of the pilot period will be used in the agreement if:

  1. You start the agreement conclusion procedure within 14 days of the end of your pilot period, either via the "Subscription" section of your account, or by contacting our Sales department directly.
  2. The number of domains in your "My Domains" section does not exceed three.
  3. The total number of actual launches of 3D-reviews in your domains does not exceed 40,000/month. This number can be exceeded, but only for very large projects. The stats are available in the "Statistics" section of your account.

In other circumstances, we can offer special terms in the agreement.